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  PBS Analytics

Visualize historical usage for optimized returns on HPC investments

PBS Analytics is an easy to use data analysis and visualization solution that provides PBS Works administrators with advanced job and license analysis to support data-driven planning and decision-making.

Companies and institutions of all sizes use high performance computing to develop innovative new products and create entirely new markets. As a result, application workloads have become much larger and more complex than ever before. Comprehensive and robust analysis and visualization features are needed to help ensure limited computing resources are being used effectively and efficiently.

As an enterprise-grade software solution, PBS Works offers advanced management features that combine an intuitive, simple management interface with sophisticated tools for analyzing and visualizing how efficiently and effectively resources are being used.

PBS Analytics provides HPC administrators with a suite of simple, customizable tools for analyzing and viewing complicated job data as well as software license assets – providing the visibility into how well their expensive HPC resources are being utilized. As a core part of a PBS Works solution, PBS Analytics turns oceans of data into insight, knowledge and intelligence.


• 視覺化總體使用情況、作業數量、作業種類等
• 根據用戶、用戶組、佇列、應用程式、機器等來統計分析
• 內嵌多種實用報告範本,並可按需靈活定制
• 聚合多個HPC集群使用資料
• 向前相容至PBS Pro 5.3


不僅統計分析使用及拒絕使用情況,PBS Analytics 更可根據花費進行 what-if 分析!



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