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Adaptive Computing provides intelligent automation software for cloud, data center, and high-performance computing environments. The company's infrastructure intelligence solutions, powered by Moab®, deliver policy-based governance that allows customers to consolidate and virtualize resources, allocate and manage applications, optimize service levels, and reduce operational costs.

Adaptive Computing products manage the world's largest computing installations and are the preferred intelligent automation solutions for the leading global data center vendors.
 Adaptive Data Center Solutions

An adaptive data center is an intelligent infrastructure that enables business agility, reduces operational costs, and lays the foundation to reach beyond conventional data center architectures to private and public cloud computing environments. These capabilities are delivered by three primary characteristics—

•Consolidated, virtualized infrastructure that behaves like a shared pool of resources that can be reconfigured dynamically to allocate different types and amounts of resources to application services as demands fluctuate over time

•Service-oriented architecture, where the applications and workflows that support varying business functions are designed as abstract services independent of any specific data center resources

•Unified intelligent automation, where a data center-level operating system takes a holistic view over the entire infrastructure, dynamically creates fully functional computing environments, and optimizes the allocation of application services according to organizational policies and required service levels

 Cloud Solutions

To keep up with the pace of IT service requests in a cloud computing model, IT must shift to dynamic resource management based on automated intelligence that can automatically and optimally provision cloud resources to deliver services quickly, reduce the risk of service failure, and adjust resources in response to changing conditions to meet service level guarantees and optimize resource capacity. This intelligence management system must also be able to automatically charge back for use of the resources.

Moab® Adaptive Computing Suite provides the policy-based intelligence for cloud infrastructures to be successful and ensure that each cloud is:

•Agile—with fast delivery of the IT services in minutes via user self-service, catalog-based service definitions, optimal resource provisioning to avoid failures, and chargeback based on usage

•Automated—across all resource decisions, provisioning and management processes to optimize resource utilization and capacity to reduce costs, meet service level guarantees, and reduce IT staff burden so IT staff can scale with cloud services

•Adaptive—so cloud resources self-optimize and respond to changing conditions, without manual intervention, to optimize service delivery to the business

 Adaptive HPC Solutions

A Dynamically Adaptable Windows-Linux HPC Solution

Designed for high performance computing facilities that need to adapt their systems' operating environments as user demands fluctuate over time, Moab Adaptive HPC Suite? can reconfigure a node's characteristics on the fly to optimize the mix of infrastructure environments available to meet user requirements.

Whether implemented in a traditional HPC facility or as the foundation for a cloud computing service, Moab Adaptive HPC Suite™ provides the flexibility to satisfy your user community while optimizing the throughput of your HPC infrastructure.

Adaptive Computing

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