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 Moab HPC Products

Moab HPC Products Accelerate Your HPC with Moab 6.1

Moab HPC Products

Adaptive Computing offers three HPC workload management products that provide automation intelligence and predictive scheduling across workloads and resources to accelerate results delivery and maximize utilization while simplifying the management of complex, heterogeneous cluster environments. All three solutions leverage the industry leading analytical policies in Moab to continually model workloads, resources, SLAs and priorities to make intelligent workload and resource scheduling and allocation decisions. And these policies utilize the unique Moab management abstraction layer that integrates and organizes the chaos of data across workloads and heterogeneous resources and resource managers to maximize control and integrate and automate management actions.

Moab Adaptive HPC Suite™

Moab Adaptive HPC Suite™ is a dynamic workload and resource manager that schedules, monitors, manages and dynamically optimizes and adapts HPC workloads and resources to meet demand, SLAs and priorities. It creates self-optimizing HPC environments and HPC clouds with maximized job output speed and capacity with reduced management burden. As an intelligent metascheduler, Moab Adaptive HPC Suite determines when the OS mix should be modified to meet current and projected workload and SLAs, and triggers the OS change using a site's preferred OS-modification technology, such as dual boot, diskful, or stateless (diskfree) provisioning. It also dynamically manages power consumption to reduce energy use through workload-consolidation policies that intelligently pack workload on underutilized servers and intelligent power-management policies that automatically place idle servers in power-saving modes.....

Moab Cluster Suite®

Moab Cluster Suite is a policy-based intelligence engine that integrates scheduling, managing, monitoring, and reporting of cluster workloads. It guarantees service levels are met while maximizing job throughput. Moab integrates with existing middleware for consolidated administrative control and holistic cluster reporting. Its graphical management interfaces and flexible policy capabilities result in decreased costs and increased ROI......

Moab Grid Suite®

Moab Grid Suite is a professional grid workload management solution used by some of the world's largest grids. It integrates scheduling, management, monitoring, and reporting of workloads across independent clusters. Moab makes moving to a grid easy by adding grid-optimized job submission and management in a matter of minutes. Moab optimizes data staging and seamlessly integrates with existing security mechanisms or with grid security toolkits......


Adaptive Computing

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