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 Moab Adaptive Computing Suite

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Moab Adaptive Computing Suite™ is an intelligent data center and cloud management system that automates the decisions and process of provisioning diverse resources against diverse incoming workloads and changing conditions based on business policies and service level goals. It provides on-demand user self-service resource requests for cloud environments with usage chargeback and an administrative dashboard to simplify management.

With the Moab Adaptive Computing Suite, you can transform existing heterogeneous physical and virtual resources into a shared pool of resources that delivers improved capacity and faster time to value in meeting business needs with reduced cost and management complexity. You can also leverage your preferred resource management technologies as you create an agile, automated and adaptive data center or cloud environment to address key IT challenges including:

•Deliver IT services to the business faster
to take advantage of new opportunities, improve business processes, and respond to changing market conditions

•Reduce capital and operating costs by optimizing utilization and capacity of resources and reducing IT management complexity with intelligent automation across resource allocation and management processes

•Automate chargeback for resource usage and reporting to recapture costs, align costs to business priorities, plan for future capacity needs, and optimize data center and cloud performance

•Ensure rapidly expanding number of IT services won't fail so IT staff can scale with intelligent allocation of diverse types and states of resources in the cloud or data center to diverse types of incoming workload requests—including physical and virtual resources and mixed hardware, OS and hypervisor platforms.

•Meet service level requirements and respond to changing conditions by dynamically adapting resource allocations and provisioning across end-to-end services without manual intervention using policies

Moab Adaptive Computing Suite Delivers Solutions for Today's Top IT Challenges

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