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 XILINX ALVEO FPGA Accelerator Cards

Adaptable Accelerator Cards for Data Center Workloads

This SmartNIC delivers ultra-high throughput, small packet performance and low-latency for modern data centers.

For cloud architects building modern data centers, the Alveo U25 provides a comprehensive SmartNIC Platform that brings true convergence of network, storage, and compute acceleration functions onto a single platform.

The U25 SmartNIC Platform is based on a powerful FPGA, enabling hardware acceleration and offload to happen inline with maximum efficiency while avoiding unnecessary data movements and CPU processing. The U25 programming model supports both high-level network programming abstractions such as HLS and P4, as well compute acceleration frameworks such as Vitis™ to enable both Xilinx and 3rd party accelerated applications.

Compute Resources
Look-up Tables (LUTs) : 522K
Dimensions Height : 2.54 inch (64.4 mm)
Length : 6.60 inch (167.65 mm)
Width : Single x16 PCIe Slot
On-board Memory
- 1x 2GB x 40 DDR4-2400
- 1x 4GB x 72 DDR4-2400
Interfaces PCI Express : Gen3 x16, bifurcated to 2x Gen3 x8 depending on use case
Network Interfaces : 2x SFP28
Time Stamp Hardware Time Stamping : Yes (1588)
Networking Stateless Offloads : Yes
Tunneling Offloads : VXLAN / Geneve
SR-IOV : Yes
Advanced Packet Filtering : Yes
Acceleration : DPDK, Onload®
Manageability Support NC-SI over MCTP SMBus : Yes
PXE and UEFI boot support : Yes
Power and Thermal Maximum Total Power : 75W
Thermal Cooling : Passive
Tool Support Vitis Developer Environment : Yes
Vivado Design Suite : Yes

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Delivers compute, networking, and storage acceleration in an efficient 75-watt, small form factor, and armed with 100 GbE networking, PCIe Gen4, and HBM2. Designed to deploy in any server.
The Xilinx® Alveo™ U50 Data Center accelerator cards provide optimized acceleration for workloads in financial computing, machine learning, computational storage, and data search and analytics. Built on Xilinx UltraScale+™ architecture and packaged in an efficient 75-watt, low-profile form factor, the U50 includes 8GB HBM2, 100GbE networking, and PCI Express 4.0 and is designed for deployment in any server.

Compute Resources
Look-up Tables (LUTs) : 872K
Registers : 1,743K
DSP Slices : 5,952
Dimensions Height : 1/2 Height
Length : 1/2 Length
Width : Single Slot
HBM Memory Capacity : 8 GB
HBM Total Bandwidth : 316 GB/s *
Internal SRAM Capacity : 28 MB
Internal SRAM Total Bandwidth : 24 TB/s
Interfaces PCI Express : Gen3x 16, 2 x Gen4x 8, CCIX
Network Interfaces : 1x QSFP28 (100GbE)
Time Stamp Clock Precision : IEEE 1588
Power and Thermal Maximum Total Power : 75W
Thermal Cooling : Passive
Tool Support Vitis Developer Environment : Yes
Vivado Design Suite : Yes

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ALVEO U200 / U250
U200 -- Incredible compute, networking, and storage acceleration thanks to 890k LUTs, 5.9k DSP slices, 64GB of DDR4 memory, and dual 100Gbps network interfaces.

U250 -- Offers 1.3M LUTs, 11.5k DSP slices, 64GB of DDR4 memory, dual 100Gbps network interfaces, and delivers 90x higher performance than CPUs on key workloads at a fraction of the costs.
Xilinx® Alveo™ Data Center accelerator cards are designed to meet the constantly changing needs of the modern Data Center, providing up to 90X performance increase over CPUs for common workloads, including machine learning inference, video transcoding, and database search and analytics.
With complex algorithms evolving faster than silicon design cycles, it’s impossible for fixed function GPU and ASIC devices to keep pace. Built on Xilinx 16nm UltraScale™ architecture, Alveo U200 and U250 accelerator cards provide reconfigurable acceleration that can adapt to continual algorithm optimizations, supporting any workload type while reducing overall cost of ownership.

INT8 TOPs (peak) : 18.6 (U200) / 33.3 (U250)
Dimensions Height : Full
Length : 3/4 (Passive) / Full (Active)
Width : Dual Slot
Off-chip Memory Capacity : 64GB
Off-chip Total Bandwidth : 77GB/s
Internal SRAM Capacity : 35MB (U200) / 54MB (U250)
Internal SRAM Total Bandwidth :31TB/s(U200) / 38TB/s(U250)
Interfaces PCI Express : Gen3 x16
Network Interfaces : 2x QSFP28(100GbE)
Logic Resources Look-up Tables (LUTs) : 892,000 (U200) / 1,341,000 (U250)
Power and Thermal Maximum Total Power : 225W
Thermal Cooling : Passive or Active

ALVEO U200 / U250 型錄下載


  Bumblebee HFT Server 
  Cheetah HFT Server
  Wolf HFT Server
  ARISTA Switch
  ExaBlaze Switch & 網卡
  SolarFlare Adapters
ALVEO U200 / U250