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 ARISTA Ultra-Low Latency Switchs

博盛為 ARISTA 正式授權經銷 ARISTA 授權經銷合約
提供您 ARISTA 系列產品銷售、應用解決方案之規劃、建置設定技術服務、 延伸保固合約等服務,歡迎來電洽詢。

ARISTA 7130 Series

Arista's 7130 Connect Series of Layer 1+ switches are powerful network devices designed
for ultra low latency and offer a wealth of integrated management features and functionalities.

Available in 16, 48, or 96 port device options, they combine a multitude of network functionality on a single device:
- Signal regeneration
- Media conversion
- Port mirroring
- Telemetry
- Dynamic patching/link management
- Layer 1+ statistics on every link

Key Advantages of Arista 7130 Connect devices

- 7130 Layer 1+ devices provide extremely low latency of 4 nanoseconds, equivalent to the propagation delay down a single meter of fiber or copper interconnect
- A connection can be configured between any incoming port and any outgoing port almost instantly with no physical presence required via a number of interfaces including CLI, HTTP and JSON-RPC.
- Any connection can be torn down or reconfigured using different ports almost instantly
- Connections can be one-to-one or one-to-many while retaining the same latency and signal characteristics

ARISTA 7130 Series 型錄下載

ARISTA 7150 Series

The Arista 7150 Series is an ultra low latency 1RU 1/10/40GbE layer 2/3/4 wire speed switch family, offering a unique combination of performance, advanced functionality and extensive onboard resources. The 7150 Series includes the 7150S and the 7150SC models. The 7150SC variants are equipped with a higher performance control plane.

- From 350 nanosecond latency
- Same latency for L2 and L3
- Low latency at 1,10 and 40GbE
- Low jitter for unicast and multicast
- Dynamic buffer allocation

Designed to suit the requirements of demanding environments such as ultra low latency financial ECNs, HPC clusters and cloud data centers, the class-leading deterministic latency from 350ns is coupled with a set of advanced tools for monitoring and controlling mission critical environments.

The Arista 7150S Advantages:

- SDN Switch architected for leading-edge applications including Big Data, Cloud Networks, Financial Trading, HPC and Web 2.0 environments
- Industry leading accurate and predictable performance in a range of densities (deterministic high performance, lowest latency and jitter for all traffic)
- Unprecedented balanced resources and deployment flexibility for "Any Application" suitability
- Network–wide virtualization platform for next generation cloud bursting support with wire speed VXLAN hardware-based Tunnel Endpoint termination
- Supports sub-microsecond Network Address Translation (NAT)
- Deterministic latency and high-performance 10G/ 40G switch and IEEE 1588 Platform
- Integrated switch for precision data analysis and capture (DANZ) - redefining instrumentation, automation and analysis of high-end infrastructure

ARISTA 7150 Series 型錄下載


This amazing transceiver is tested completely, 100% suitable for Solarflare X2522 and SFN8522 series. 

Provide stable transfer speed and bandwith for 30MB/s (under 1000Base-T Ethernet) and 10MB/s (under 100Base-T Ethernet).
Compact RJ-45 connector assembly, fully support 1000Mbps(1000Base-T) / 100Mbps(100Base-T).

100% 相容 Solarflare X2522 和 SFN8522 全系列產品,解決長期以來客戶使用 Solarflare 高頻交易加速網卡,對於交易環境只提供100Mbps(100Base-T) RJ-45端口的困境!
經過多重環境與腳本設計的壓力測試,均能穩定傳輸不掉封包,在千兆環境(1000Base-T)實際傳輸率可達30MB/s, 百兆環境 (100Base-T) 實際傳輸率可達 10MB/s。



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