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高頻交易系統 High-Frequency Trading (HFT) 解決方案

高頻交易系統 High-Frequency Trading (HFT) 解決方案

高頻交易(High-Frequency Trading) 是使用先進的技術工具和計算機算法來快速交易證券。通過計算機化定量模型進行投資組合分配決策。其成功的關鍵取決於同時處理大量信息的能力。

為了在高頻交易的世界中保持競爭力,金融行業、證券公司必須部署最快和最強大的高速設備。 除了實現低延遲(Low-Latency),也必須提供一致的交易性能。數據傳輸中的抖動可能導致訂單延滯或算法損壞,導致不良結果和交易結束時的重大損失。

Supermicro 低延遲伺服器

  SuperServer® 1028UX-LL1/2/3-B8
Supermicro's 4th generation Hyper-Speed & Hyper-Turbo Technologies for Extreme Low-Latency Trading
Dedicated to serving customers in the financial industry, Supermicro introduces the 4th generation Hyper-Speed and Hyper-Turbo technologies: proprietary server-board-level optimizations for extreme low-latency trading.
These technologies are made possible with the latest VRMs as well as optimized firmware to focus on flexible tuning. More.....

MetaMako Layer 1 交換機


MetaApp 32
MetaApp 32 is an adaptable application platform which brings intelligence to the network edge catering to the most demanding and latency critical networks such as high frequency trading and analytics.

It is multiple devices in one – performing layer 1+ switching in only 5 ns, enabling unrestricted access to an onboard FPGA and containing an x86_64 server MetaApp creating one powerful device that can be used to trade directly with exchanges. More.....

SolarFlare Flareon 10/40GbE Server I/O Adapters
  Flareon 10/40GbE Server I/O Adapters
When performance, precision, flexibility and latency matter, our 10/40GbE server I/O adapters are the smart choice.
Flareon 10/40GbE PCIe 3.1 server I/O adapters deliver industry-leading message rates with lowest latency and jitter over standard Ethernet along with low CPU utilization, enabling the industry's best performance and scalability for enterprise data center environments.




  MetaMako Layer 1 交換機
  SolarFlare Adapters