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GPU 平台轉換加速套件 -AccelerEyes Jacket
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Jacket DLA
Double Precision Linear Algebra
Jacket DLA provides dense linear algebra support for the base Jacket product. Functions for matrix analysis, linear systems solutions, eigen analysis, singular value decomposition, and various factorizations are enabled for both single- and double-precision as well as for complex values with Jacket DLA. AccelerEyes, our partners, and the CUDA community of developers are continuing to expand support for high performance linear algebra in every release so check our documentation and release notes for the latest functions supported.

The following MATLAB functions are currently enabled with JacketDLA:

MLDIVIDE - Least-squares solutions to over- and under-determined systems
LU - LU decomposition
SVD - Singular value decomposition
EIG - Eigenvalues
QR - QR factorization
CHOL - Cholesky decomposition
NV - Matrix inverse
MPOWER - Matrix power
NORM - L2 matrix norm
DET - Matrix determinant
HESS - Hessenberg form of matrix
For applications that do not require double-precision, the base Jacket license provides limited, single precision versions of matrix power, SVD, LU, QR, and MLDIVIDE.

AccelerEyes Jacket

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