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GPU 平台轉換加速套件 -AccelerEyes Jacket
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GPU Graphics Library
Advanced 3D Data Visualization
The Jacket Graphics Library dramatically improves MATLAB visualizations. The idea is simple: let the GPU visualize and compute without moving data back to the CPU. The Graphics Library is included for free with all Jacket licenses. It integrates the Jacket computational engine with full OpenGL rendering capabilities. This coupling of computation and graphics allows you to develop true visual computing applications.

The Graphics Library includes a port of the entire OpenGL API to MATLAB, including the newest extensions. Users can now view computations in realtime as they evolve on the GPU through GPU versions of common visualization functions, such as GSURF, GPLOT, GSCATTER3, and more. The functions are simply MATLAB scripts containing OpenGL code and are load balanced for maximum speed. Best of all, these scripts are delivered as open-source extensions to Jacket. Don't like a visualization? Just change it. The Graphics Library provides open, easy to use, and blazingly fast visual computing.

The following videos not only demonstrate the visualization power of the Graphics Library but also convey the computational capabilies of the Jacket platform. The speedups enabled by Jacket allow these examples to achieve realtime performance, unlike the equivalent CPU counterparts. Jacket provides the ability to fully leverage the GPUs compuational capability while providing integrated visualization capabilities far beyond anything else offered on the market.

AccelerEyes Jacket

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