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GPU 平台轉換加速套件 -AccelerEyes Jacket
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Multi-GPU Option - Single Node
Jacket MGL is targeted at the workstation market. A notebook, desktop or personal supercomputer that contains one (1) to eight (8) GPUs is well suited for Jacket MGL. The base Jacket license supports the 1st GPU, while Jacket MGL enables the 2nd to 8th GPU. There are two modes of operation with Jacket MGL:

 Simultaneous GPU Sessions: Allow the user to operate multiple MATLAB sessions across simultaneously on the GPUs available in a single computer. A large number of users currently run multiple MATLAB sessions across a number of processors or machines to accelerate their work. This arrangement is also possible with Jacket and the Jacket MGL option without more than standard MATLAB licenses.

■ Multi-GPU Sessions: Allow the user to operate a single MATLAB session that can leverage all GPUs within a single computer. Running multiple GPU sessions with Jacket MGL requires not only a standard MATLAB license but also requires the Parallel Computing Toolbox (PCT). With the simple addition of well known parallel constructs such as PARFOR and SPMD pre-existing code may be dispatched across all GPUs and CPUs in a workstation or personal supercomputer. In many cases, little to no code revision is required to take advantage of this new parallel computing capability.

Executing code such as for-loops or monte carlo simulations with Jacket MGL can dramatically accelerate time to solution on workstations and personal supercomputers. To scale to distributed HPC resources, such as GPU clusters (with 8 or more GPUs), Jacket HPC is available.


AccelerEyes Jacket

  AccelerEyes Jacket
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