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GPU 平台轉換加速套件 -AccelerEyes Jacket
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Jacket SDK
Software Development Kit
Jacket SDK makes integration of custom CUDA code into Jacket's runtime very easy. With a few Jacket-specific functions, CUDA code will benefit from Jacket's automated optimizations.

The Jacket SDK enables you to wrap CUDA kernels in a jktFunction (similar to the MATLAB mexFunction). In the jktFunction, the class and dimensions of the inputs are determined with the jkt_class and jkt_dims functions. New mxArray's are allocated using the jkt_new function. Device side pointers (GPU arrays) are initialized using the jkt_mem function, providing a safe way for Jacket to read/write to the GPU.

Compiling your Jacketized CUDA kernel results in a standard MEX file. You can call this MEX file from your MATLAB scripts and can pass in Jacket's GPU data types. Jacket will optimize the launch of your kernels and manage memory transfers. You CUDA code inherits Jacket's runtime optimizations.

This process is no more than declaring inputs and outputs, allocating memory to them, and calling the CUDA kernel.

With over 100 million CUDA-enabled GPUs sold to date, thousands of software developers are already using the free CUDA software development tools to solve problems in a variety of professional and home applications - from
video and audio processing and physics simulations, to oil and gas exploration, product design, medical imaging, and scientific research. With this user community and the growing availability of CUDA kernals, Jacket's SDK is a must for domain professionals.

The base Jacket license does not require any knowledge of CUDA or other GPU programming architectures; however, for users that have or will develop CUDA kernels, Jacket SDK is a perfect capability to speed development, improve testing, and simplify deployment of complete applications and algorithms.


AccelerEyes Jacket

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