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GPU 平台轉換加速套件 -AccelerEyes Jacket
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Jacket is a software platform designed for engineers, scientists, and analysts who want maximum application performance, minimum programming difficulty, and maximum leverage of available technical computing resources, including laptops, desktops, servers, clusters and the Cloud. The Jacket platform consists of a language processing system and runtime that automatically optimizes existing applications or new algorithms for GPU computing.

Jacket currently supports the MATLAB language as a frontend to the platform. MATLAB is the technical computing language of choice across a broad range of industries with over 1 million users. Jacket's language processing system automatically translates MATLAB code to high performance primitives required for best utilization of GPUs. Working in concert with the language processing system, Jacket's runtime system optimizes memory transfers, compiles code on-the-fly for realtime tuned performance, and launches GPU kernels efficiently for maximal performance. All GPU-specific programming details are handled by Jacket, freeing the user to focus on science, engineering, and analytics.

Jacket introduces new data types to MATLAB which let the user move data and computations to the GPU. Changing the data type allows the user to tap into the GPUs tremendous computational power. All standard data types are supported, including real and complex versions of singles, doubles, and integars. CUDA-capable GPUs of all types are supported. For instance, NVIDIA's Fermi-based Tesla C2050 contains 448 cores that are now fully accessible with Jacket, but those with lesser budget can also run Jacket on GeForce and Quadro GPUs!

AccelerEyes Jacket

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